Observational studies


Objectives :

The main objective of these studies is to have access to data in a matter of weeks, so that tracking the effects of a product in real life is possible.  These studies can be undertaken in medical practices and in pharmacies.

These studies can also be used to pursue other objectives according to the manufacturers’ requirements, notably :

  • Submission of Novel Food application
  • Scientific marketing  targeted towards prescribers
  • Writing of scientific articles or posters
  • Assessment and report of the products’  effects in real life
  • Evaluation of the medical and socio-economic effects of a functional food in real life, etc.
  • Study undertaken to evaluate nutritional and health risks : tolerance, side-effects, allergies…

CEN Nutriment has broken new ground in having created back-up videos for studies involving physicians and pharmacies.  The physicians, and medical and pharmaceutical representatives, thus contribute more to study implementation since they can use the video instructions easily and at any time.