CEN Nutriment creation and development :

CEN Nutriment was created in 2006 after a number of agro-food manufacturers had contacted CEN Biotech due to their need to provide scientific proof of the health benefits of their products and functional ingredients. Located in Burgundy, France, CEN Nutriment is an active partner of the Vitagora R&D Innovation network dedicated to Taste, Nutrition, Health, and benefits from the experience of its founder and scientific director, Professor François-André Allaert, author and co-author of over 1000 scientific articles and papers on the subject of human health.

The main activity of CEN Nutriment is clinical trial management, but this company has progressively widened the scope of its expertise in order to respond to the precise needs of the agro-food and dietary supplement industry.

  • 2009 : CEN Nutriment undertakes pioneering work in the evaluation of foods for sportsmen/women, thanks to its partnership with the Gilles Cometti Performance Evaluation Center.
  • 2010 : CEN Nutriment works hand-in-hand with the Interregional Gerontology network of Burgundy/Franche-Comté, in order to study the impact of food products and dietary supplements on the elderly.
  • 2011 : Collaboration begins with ETAP Laboratories, specialized in etiology and animal studies, offering an integrated service from pre-clinical to clinical trials.
  • 2012 : Inauguration of CEN Experimental, the CEN Nutriment clinical investigation centre, for studies requiring large-scale investigations (specific biological parameters, absorption kinetics, bioavailability studies, etc…)

CEN Nutriment is currently involved in projects with nationally and internationally renowned companies (manufacturers of functional ingredients, agro-food companies, dietary supplement laboratories, dietary and nutraceutical product laboratories…), and is in charge of several national joint ventures combining universities and manufacturers.